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Full Version: Google Light Theme - fixed 2010-05-06
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Interestingly enough, when I tried to make advanced search for word "google" (just as an example here) without Proxo in the middle - I've got no "SafeSearch off" option. If I did the same search via Proxo - I've got it. It makes me think that the GET request going via Proxo triggers that option to be offered by Google. Don't you think? If that's correct - couldn't it be better to get rid of it in the first place (in the request that we send to Goolge) without necessity of removing SafeSearch from the received pages later? I'd save a little bit of bandwidth for Google and our time to render it Wink
google "defaults" to SafeSearch being on...

if you want to turn SafeSearch off, then we can either append a &safe=off to the search string URL or we could fake a :FF=4 cookie value (which is the route Proxo is taking)...

so perhaps google isn't putting that content to the right of the search field input box if SafeSearch is on, but in that i have no three-year-olds using my computer, i don't see the need to enable any "parental lock" features... Big Teeth
I agree with you. I don't need any "parental lock" features at all. So, I'd prefer to get rid of that "feature" once and for all.

Google makes a big deal about it now. It's forced on everyone by default. To get rid of it one has to enable coolies (yeah, right Wink), register and set option explicitly to "lock SafeSearch"... If you run several browsers you have to do it on each of them... I guess it means that the only way to get rid of it (as they called - to lock it) is to give Google cookies that have that setting.

The &safe=off in search string is not working. At least it doesn't remove the "SafeSearch" offer from the right side of the search box. I guess it means that - there is SafeSearch feature, but it's configured as being "off". But that is not exactly what we need, which is to get rid completely of this "feature".

Log shows that in requests, we send to the Google, there is FF=4 setting. But it looks like it doesn't work too. Perhaps we're missing something else here or Google just ignores that for some other reason...

While it's not the topic for this thread, it'd be nice to find out a way to get rid of SafeSearch completely.

But so far, your filter does its job very well - thanks again! Smile!
if you BLOCK google's cookie and only FAKE the contents of a NON-EXISTENT cookie, then yes, google IGNORES it...

if you ALLOW google's cookie and then FAKE (ie, "rewrite") the contents of a cookie that EXISTS, then no, google will not ignore it...

the way i see it, there is no way to get rid of safesearch completely...
if it is OFF, then you have "gotten rid of it"...

only when it is ON (google's default) will there not be any "reminder" to the right of the search field input box...
Does anyone know how to get rid of the recently implemented "new feature" Google Instant-Preview ?

It's the image that pops up when you click next to some search result.

I know the following AdBlockPlus Element Hiding Helper filters will hide the popup image, but they DO NOT stop them from loading in the background.

The following javascript block filter gets rid of it, but has the nasty consequences that it also destroys the option to use the Settings on top of the page.
(Nov. 17, 2010 06:20 PM)Toppy Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone know how to get rid of the recently implemented "new feature" Google Instant-Preview ?


Name = "Stop Google Instant-Preview 10.11.17"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TYPE(htm)"
Bounds = "<div*>|<button*</button>"
Limit = 128
Match = "<div*\ssig*$SET(1=<div>)"
        "<button class=vspi+b></button>"
Replace = "\1"

Recently Google search results page started to add lines at the bottom of groups of same domains. They look like this:
[+] Show more results from ...
They're mixed with common search blocks, which is quite annoying, and I have decided to move them a bit to the right (just to separate them from the common results).
See the resulting picture: [+] lines shifted to the right

To move them to the right I've added this simple code to the old "Google Light Theme" filter:
"{margin-left: 2em;}/*shift [+] to right*/\r\n"

In case, if you want to see it the same way, here is the new full code of the filter:
Name = "Google Light Theme     10.12.08 [ozo] ADD"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TYPE(htm)^$TST(hOrigUA=mozilla/4.[1-9](^*opera)*))[^:/]+/(intl/[^/]+/(^?)|search\?(^q\=cache:)|webhp|(^?))"
Limit = 15000
Match = "(</style><noscript><style>)\1"
Replace = "\r\n/* Google New Theme: */\r\n"
          "a:link,.q a:link,a.toplink:visited{color:#00A!important;}\r\n"
          "a:visited{color: #A0D;}a:active,.q a:active,a.fl:active{color:#D00!important;}\r\n"
          "a:hover,.q a:hover,a.fl:hover{text-decoration:underline;color:#000!important;}\r\n"
          "li.g{background:#F8F8F8;margin-bottom:0.5em;padding:0 .5em;}\r\n"
          "div.tsf-p,#foot{max-width:none;margin:0 1em;}/*make query window wider*/\r\n"
          "div.rshdr div form div div{visibility:hidden;}div.rshdr div.tsf-p,div.rshdr div.tsf-p div{visibility:inherit;}\r\n"
          "{margin-left: 2em;}/*shift [+] to right*/\r\n"
cool, thanks...

been messin' around with it and i've been unable to have the [+] "image" hidden, but the link visible...

do you see a way to hide the [+] "image" while maintaining the inline-visibility of the actual link?
The best way would be to remove it completely, of cause. But the simplest way is just to make it hidden. Here is the line that does it:
Works in IE, FF, Iron.
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