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Full Version: Documentation about the default filters
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Hi! This is my first post here. :-)

I've just discovered BFilter, and I must say that I am very impressed. It works very well, including with Google Chrome, for which it is a must-have IMO, as currently Chrome cannot efficiently filter the ads. Thanks for your great work!

But I have a problem. I'm a total newbie in JS, and I don't understand at all what the collection of filters distributed with BFilter are supposed to do. I've read and partially understood the documentation about the filter syntax, but that doesn't help me much. So, I would like to know if I should activate some or all of the filters, and what would be their effects. I understand the interest of the "Suppress JS referrer" script, because it has a meaningful name, but for me the 8 HTML and XHTML filters are Chinese!

I would appreciate if someone could describe briefly what the filters do, if it is recommended to enable them, and if some side effects are known. Thanks in advance.

BTW, jart, if per chance you want to work again on BFilter, I suggest adding a "Comment=..." field to the scripts and in the GUI, to describe briefly what the filter does.
Not only I've abandoned BFilter development a long time ago, but also most of these filters were contributed by others, which means I don't necessarily understand how they work.
It's a pity this wonderful product has no future. But thanks anyway.
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