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Full Version: How do I allow eBay descriptions to show?
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I just installed BFilter for Chrome, IE8, and FireFox. It is an amazing program and makes all of the browsers much faster. Thank you.

My question is about eBay. When I click on an item, the description area is a blank box. If I click on the blank box, then the description pops up for a few seconds, then reverts back to the original blank box.

The code seems to go to*.*

How can I allow these descriptions to show up on eBay without simply bypassing BFilter.

Thank you,
I would try adding:
to urls.local (accessible via menu)

I am not 100% sure that will work, as it's been more than a year since I stopped developing and using BFilter.
Thank you Jart, but that didn't work. I've tried both NOFILTER and ALLOW variations and none of them have worked yet. I'll follow up if I figure it out. In the meantime, I still am thoroughly enjoying the use of BFilter. I doubt that Chrome will ever come up with something similar since their revenues are based on advertising.

Thank you,
I was looking for a similar solution and managed to tweak your tip and it worked. Here's what I use to regain ebay item descriptions:

NOFILTER http://*.ebay*.co*/*
Very Cool... Thank you phuckstepp.

That solution worked perfectly.

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