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Full Version: URL alias
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Damn, i 've been using proxo for over 3 years and just today i discovered the jump..URL alias feature. Now I just type .p in the address bar and this forum comes up. Big Teeth
That is COOL! I just figured it out Eyes Closed Smile


[HTTP headers]
Out = TRUE
Key = "URL: Jump to Un-Official Proxomitron Forum (Out)"
URL = ".p"
Replace = "$JUMP("
Just add it to your AliasList - you don't need a special filter...
Or to sidki's AliasJump (which references your AliasList)...
Open AliasJump, look for:

.k/  $JUMP(
.p/  $JUMP(

Replace with:

.p/  $JUMP(
Google toolbar has just introduced a browse by name feature. Of course its much easier to get ur favorite sites with Proxo URL alias.,aid,116910,00.asp
Proxomitron is light-years ahead of Google!!!
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