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Full Version: K-Meleon - Google Dark Blue Color Question
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I have IE 6 and of course when I go to the Google search page I get the nice dark blue page that I like when using Sidki's filters. Today I tried out the K-Meleon v1.5.3 browser and when I go the the same Google search page it is the old bright white page. I have Proxomitron running with the Sidki latest filter update. This is not a "bid deal", the "white" Google page .... I have been reading about other browsers being safer to use than IE 6 ... is there a way to get that Google dark blue page look back using K-Meleon? I can live with the white page ... If I am using the K-Meleon browser are there other Sidki filter settings that don't work with K-Meleon? I haven't noticed anything else different yet and thought someone else also using K-Meleon might have some advice on this browser working with Proxomitron and Sidki's filters. thanks
I just tried, and it works here for me.

In K-Meleon, did you go to the toolbar, to "Tools" then to "Proxy" and selected "configure?"
In the new window, go about 2/3rds down, and hit "New configuration?"
In the new tab, enter any name, tick off "use the following manual proxy settings" and enter in "localhost" for the host name, and "8080" for the port?"
Then click on the "save" button, and back in the "general" Tab, make sure "use the following user-defined proxy configuration" is checked off, with your proxomitron configuration showing up in the dropdown box?

And Proxomitron wasn't bypassed?

Like so?


/Just checking to make sure its set and active, since if its just set in "internet options" (like with IE) it won't work in other browsers (with the exception of Chrome).
Hey myzdoxae ... thanks for the help. No, I did not know to do that in K-Meleon. I just did everything you said and I do have the dark blue page for Google. I just put K-Meleon on this morning so I am still in "learning mode". Again, thanks for the quick response. I guess I wasn't really using Proxomitron at all while I was on the internet earlier today ... I had it opened / running but I guess it wasn't really filtering anything.
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