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Full Version: Cannot view media due to some filter.
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Sorry to bug you, but I got another problem Proxo related.
When trying to watch video's where a popup occurs (Violent, Over 18, etc...)
when the page is loaded with proxo active, you won't get the popup and the video after than, but you're immediately transfered to the top domain.

Does anyone know which filter could be causing this, of this is happening with your config also ?

Site with video here :

... when loaded with proxo active, you're being redirected to
I think this is related to the last sidki-config update, because the activation level for "<script>: JS "location" to Link" was changed from l3 to l4 (advanced mode).

You could assign a keyword to that site. Either $SET(0=i_level:4.0.) ,i.e. "use advanced mode". Or $SET(0=i_level:2.0.) , which switches to light mode, which in turn bypasses the "Restrict Message Boxes" filter.

Let me know if this is happening elsewhere as well. In that case it might be better to reset the level for the first filter back to 3.
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