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Full Version: Facebook Issues
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I thought I'd create a new thread to detail the issues I have with Facebook and Sidki.

It might be a useful thread for others who run into Facebook issues.

Firstly, I hope there are some gurus out there, running Sidki and trying to use Facebook...

OK - first issue...

On the Home page, (, there are links that say "Show 2 more comments" (or 3, or 4, whatever).

When I click on these links nothing happens. I can even work out what filter is getting in the way!

I tried editing the include/exclude list for jsut about everything, to no avail.

Facebook is an extremely popular site, so in case someone is ever getting serious about calling for help:
- Create a test account, also because that's the only way to have people see what you see.
- Post a usable problem description, which also includes the browser you're using.
- Re-read your post, see if it is understandable, and if the links are pointing to what they're supposed to point.
OK - I'm willing to do this...
I'll post a better thread, apologies for the cruddy question.
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