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Full Version: Regoular Expression
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I'd like to know what type of Regoular Expression are used by Bfilter. It's are similar to Javascript regex or Perl ?
Thank in advance
The regex engine comes from the Boost project, and it tries to be compatible with JavaScript regular expressions.
Thanks for your reply.
I have also another question.
I would like to intercept this code
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

but I'm not able to find it with this regex:

/<script language="JavaScript" type="text\/javascript">(\n)+(\t)+OAS_RICH\('Middle1'\);(\t)+(\n)+<\/script>/

Can someone help me please?
Thanks in advance
I'd suggest replacing explicit linefeed (\n) and tab (\t) with generic white space (\s) condition.

/<script language="JavaScript" type="text\/javascript">\s+OAS_RICH\('Middle1'\);\s+<\/script>/

I don't use BFilter, hopefully you'll figure out how to tell it what you want.
Fantastic, I tried with your regoular expression and it match the code.
Thank you very much
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