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Full Version: [Req]Youtbue auto play?
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I have toggle on for flash. Google video has auto play, how can I do it for youtube as well?
I assume you're using Sidki's config pack.

In IncludeExclude-U, under ## 2.10 OBJECTS (FLASH, MOVIES, ...), paste the following:

([^.]+.|)             $SET(0=a_flash.)

Then either reload block files (or restart Proxomitron) Wink
hmm doesn't work. Have i missed something?

I have the draggable flash filter. Would that affect it?
the draggable has no effect on autoplay...

i'm pretty sure the flash file has to be "created" such that it "autoplays" versus slapping in a "click this right-facing triangle to start this video"...
Name = "Youtube: Remove autoplay on "shift" <multi>{ln}090110"
Active = TRUE
Multi = TRUE
URL = "[^/]$TYPE(htm)$KEYCHK(^S)"
Bounds = "swfArgs = {*}"
Limit = 1000
Match = "\1, "video_id" \2"
Replace = "\1, "autoplay": "0", "video_id" \2$STOP()"
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