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Full Version: question about "ALLOW" and regex
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Hello I am a Chinese and I have tried BFilter for a couple of days. it works great, though the filtering rules appears to be a little bit too harsh.
(actually sometimes not quite efficient, due to language barrier:
some of the sites use "guang gao" instead of ads : /ggao/ -> /gg/ -> /ggjs/ -> /gg_img/ ... )

I wonder if BFilter support regular express within ALLOW command.
I want to white-list the following links

and I inserted this command into urls.local (actually i make it out of your "AD" commands =) ):
ALLOW /http://i\d\.sinaimg\.cn/.*/

well , I think this looks fine ,but it doesnt work for the site [ ]
any idea if there is a way to get it work? or any other trick to let the links above white-listed? thanx in advance

As far as I remember, ALLOW only lifts hard blocks, but not heuristic ones.
What you need is a negative hint:
-10 /http://i\d\.sinaimg\.cn/.*/
This should work I think.
thanks jart I tried it out and it works like a charm now.
I am wondering what is the exact range of the heuristic parameter. -10 ~ +10 ?
BTW: I wonder if there is anything I can do for this pretty gear.
do we need a Chinese version? if so what can i do to help?
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