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Full Version: Youtube ads
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I base my entire ad filtering with proxo/sidki filterset, but I could not get rid of some ads at youtube. Tried various additions to AdDomains/AdHosts but failed. Banging Head
Only adding to the system hosts file I could bypass the ads.

Is there a way to do the filtering only with proxo, without the hosts file trick?

example links:

txt -
txt -
img -

I'm using sidki's latest beta + opera

On a side note, I've also removed $SET(1=adkey_j:0.) from the Exceptions list, fearing that it was part of my failing to filter out the ads. I didn't notice any broken feature yet (not that I'm actively seeking for one, and I've only tested with Opera).

I guess isn't caught by

Anyway I've added to AdHosts
  &&\8&($TST(volat=*.log:[12]*)$ADDLST(Log-Rare,ALST AdH \8\t\u)|)
Hits are logged but ads are still displayed.

Proxo Gurus, please help me out! Smile!
It could be coming from one of the flash files. Flash files are encrypted or compressed and so not altered by the Proxomitron.

On , I see

<param name=\"flashvars\" value=\"rv.7.length_seconds=43&




Code:*ad3 $RDIR(http://local.ptron/killed.gif) $RDIR(http://local.ptron/killed.gif)

to Exceptions-U appears to stop the request to and others, for me.

Can you confirm?
I think the "" entry isn't needed (I didn't get any hits there). The first one got rid of everything. I'm still without the $SET(1=adkey_j:0.) for I'll test drive for a while and report back. Thank you JJoe! Wink

I wonder if Sidki remembers why we should keep "$SET(1=adkey_j:0.)"?
exceptions.log.ptxt Wrote:#"Featured Videos" and "Most Popular" thumbnails don't show up on frontpage:
#[2010-5-25 18:38:30] WEB JS_Ad_HTM AdKey.2 ads.workaroundReset
#-> $SET(1=adkey_j:0.)
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