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Full Version: Latest Version: Confirmed Fixes
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This thread contains confirmed fixes for confirmed bugs. It is intentionally locked.

However, admins/moderators, please add (or link to) updates here.
Straight to the point. Linking the original post, if applicable. Thanks!
Updated AdKeys-J list, fixing a missing closing paren. Original post

edit: Included in Feb 15, 5 PM GMT silent update.
Update: Jump out of invisible Frames (Modified to also account for unclosed <noframes> tags). Original post
Non-critical bugfixes (edited March 4):

New: "Content-Length: 2 Add if Needed" -- Fix for a Proxomitron quirk regarding handling of "No content" replies. Original post

Update: "Content-Type: 5a Filter sel. Text Types" -- Skip "No content" documents. Original post

Update: "Yahoo: Auto Login" -- Adjust to changed page code.

Update: "Yahoo Search: Clean up Site" -- Adjust to changed page code.

Update: "<div> Remove: Floating Layers" -- Escape "matched" notification, which could otherwise break the Proxomitron script.

Update: "Google Search: Remove Ad Blocks" -- Adjustments, code clean-up.

Update: "Google Light Blue Theme" -- Corrections.
Include-Exclude-U list entry - Major: Make Yahoo Mail Classic work again.

Update - Critical: "JS Kill: Specific Escaped Code" -- Add new subroutine.

Update: "Google Search: Alternate Display" -- Adjust to changed page code.

Update: "Set-Cookie: 7 Strip "Secure" if Half-SSL" -- Convert to recursive test.

Update: "<script>: Cut: Chained Ad Path URLs" -- Extend to absolute URLs.

Update: "Google Search: Fix Shortcuts" -- Adjust to changed page code.

Update: "<html><body>: Mark First - Remove Dupes" -- Fix a regression.

Update: "<script> Block: Camouflaged Scripts" -- Fix (one type of) false positives.
Include-Exclude(-U) list - Major: Make Yahoo Mail Classic work again.
Part 1 (same as in above post):
Part 2:

Update: "Google Search" -- Adjust to changed page code.

Update: "Remove - Specific Functions" -- Required for certain IncludeExclude entries.
Update: Google theme filters (a.k.a. "alternate display") adjusted to changed page code.

JS modifications, also included with a - possibly coming - regular config update:
- Fix for Winamp SHOUTcast pages:
- Popup blocker enhancements for W3C browsers:
- Make message box interception a little smarter and more descriptive:
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